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Gas-Oil-Fossil Fuel-Electric cars

A thoughtful path forward into the future of travel requires prior and proper planning. America needs to look at all options and make thoughtful, systematic approach to reach a desired solution. America needs oil and gas right now, it is naïve to think we can simply switch to electric overnight, let’s take a look at the math..if we were magically to go full electric, how much cost to the pocket book and to the environment would that actually cost? Don’t know..lots to dig into…

Sunflower diesel is a viable option that I have a fair amount of experience in and is seldom heard in conversations, all we hear is stop drilling and go electric…is there an agenda going on? Follow the money and we shall see.

Finish the Keystone pipeline, help bring inflation down and we can always turn it off if we do not need it.

So, in a nut shell; we keep doing what we need to do to fuel or lives and we get busy researching many options; electric; sunflower diesel, my transportation system idea and others. The American government can fund and it does! Innovation, the SBIR is a fantastic American government agency for innovation, America can also post a RFP (request for proposal) out to the public to spur capitalism and small business in these areas. Reality trumps ideology.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

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