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Secure Borders

I have reached out and spoken to Montana Sheriffs, Montana Border Patrol agents and other Western States Sheriffs. The leaders of whom with I spoke tell me approximately the same story; the Mexico border is completely open and overrun with illegal immigrants entering America, the resources from MT (border Patrol agents) are being relocated to the Mexico border thus leaving MT borders more venerable. The persons coming into America are from 170 different countries, they are a mixed bag of; single people, families, unaccompanied children, criminals and terrorists. Illegal drugs are flowing into America, these are poorly made, illegal and in massive volumes, enough fentanyl to overdose the whole state of Texas population, along with the illegal drugs comes the huge spike in local Montana crime.

The Border Patrol agents on the Mexico border are consumed with “baby sitting” duties of feeding, shelter, health care, etc. The broken Judicial system mandated straight down from the President of the United States is rendering the judges helpless and we have a catch and release open door fiasco at our border with Mexico.

Either enter the USA legally and assimilate or go home! and they will go home once I help by writing the bills to stop any and all illegal immigration; past, present and future. Immigrants are welcome, be it a grandmother or child if the immigrate legally, only.

The act of legal immigration has a few benefits; it is a requirement of our laws and it demonstrates to the immigrant that becoming an American citizen has great value to them and that they will feel a sense of honor and belonging once they achieve "membership" and quite importantly UNITY and integration. 

The flip side of legal immigration results in division, no sense of ownership, no sense of communion and no love of country or for their fellow countrymen...a selfishness.

The bible states it well; many verses, here is one; Mark 3:25 and if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

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